Adding energy to your adventure with CLIF Bloks

I’ve been boxing, running, climbing, skipping, lifting, you name it, I’m pretty much doing it right now in my continued quest to achieve the “best body of my life” by 35. (ie my birthday, December 20)

Now as much as I love a good challenge, I have to admit, there have been days, hours, moments when I just feel like a need a little boost, and that’s where CLIF Bloks come in.



CLIF BLOKS are the latest nutrition option for endurance athletes. CLIF BLOKS come in chewable, 35-calorie cubes, making it easy to customize and track intake during long outings and races, and while I’m not an “athlete” per say, I am training very long and hard.

So while I might have a pack of Bloks as an athlete, I just have one at a time, and honestly, it just gives you a little burst of energy, not only that, it’s literally a giant energy jube-jube and I sure do love my candy.

In short, it makes me think I’m getting to eat candy while giving myself a much-needed boost mid adventure, run, or workout.


Now available in Salted Watermelon (my fav) the Bloks also comes in; Citrus, Cran-Razz, Margarita, Mountain Berry, Strawberry, Orange, Tropical Punch and Black Cherry.

The Details:

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