Addicted’s Holiday Drink Series – The Spicy Caesar

Merry Christmas Eve! You’re probably already thinking ahead to the big day tomorrow – opening presents, getting together with family and enjoying a well deserved day off. And what better way to start your Christmas day than with a delicious, spicy Caeser?

We at Addicted LOVE our caesers, especially when they’re made with Walter’s Caeser Mix and garnished with Extreme Beans. While I do loves me a traditional vodka caeser, fellow addicted Mark recently turned me onto the wonders of a bourbon caeser, and let me tell you, it’s on another level. Check out our recipes below and start your Christmas day off with your own caeser choice!

Traditional vodka caeser

Our vodka of choice for this drink, and all vodka drinks, is Luksusowa. This premium potato vodka is smooth and delicious, a perfect accent to Walter’s mild caeser mix.

1 ounce Luksusowa Vodka

Walter’s Caeser Mix – mild

Extreme Bean – Sweet & Savoury flavor

Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rim (this stuff is DELISH)

Lime wedge

Rub the lime wedge around the rim of your chosen glass. Dip the glass into the caeser rim container, perfectly designed for a wide or narrow glass, until a nice layer of spice covers the edge of the glass.  Fill halfway with ice and pour the vodka over it. Fill the glass to the top with Walter’s mild caeser mix. Add sweet and savoury Extreme Bean. Drink, and enjoy!


Extra spicy bourbon caeser

I’ve had many a bourbon caeser since discovering this delightful combination, but we really like using Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut bourbon when we’re making them. Something about that extra bite the Devil’s Cut has, combined with the spicier Walter’s Caeser mix just gives that spicy caeser an extra kick and just enough heat to set it apart from its bourbon brethren.

1 ouce Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon

Walter’s Caeser Mix – Spicy

Extreme Bean – Hot & Spicy flavor

Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rim

Lime wedge

Follow the above instructions, but substitute the spicy flavors of Walter and Extreme bean, and bourbon for vodka.





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