Addicted Valentine’s Eats and Treats Guide

People ask me all the time, “what is your favorite restaurant, what’s the best treat, best chocolate…” and so on, so I’m going to give you the scoop for the best food for your Valentine.

The sit down dinner:
I am and will always be in LOVE with a couple restaurants in Toronto, for me it’s a combination between the food (first of course) the service, and the atmosphere. That all being said for valentines I would take my special someone to Church Aperitivo on queen west for a delicious authentic italian meal that is so amazing you will want to order everything on the menu, but refrain from doing that as it’s valentines 😉


The take out and eat at home option:
Recently I tried and fell in love with Levetto, they also make Italian food, but you can get it made quick, and to go (now don’t go claiming it was you that make it cause that will come back to haunt you) but the portions are huge and perfect for sharing, the food is so darn good, and you don’t have to break the bank as the prices so reasonable bordering on cheap.


Chocolates are always welcome:
I must say I am a HUGE fan of Gostosa: a recently-launched confectionary specializing in Brazil’s tantalizing hand-crafted chocolate treats, they come in all different flavours including BRIGADEIRO BROWNIE, dark chocolate brownie sandwich filled with dark chocolate brigadeiro. I’m controlling myself from getting more as I write this, so if you are looking to get sweet with your sweetie, this is the way to do it…..your welcome.


Hot drinks lead to hotter nights:
I know most people love champagne, well I don’t. My first love is brown liquor, and I think it should get a special Valentine’s Day nod. My tip; combine two of my loves, brown liquor and chocolate, of the hot, drinkable variety. My fave, in store or at home, is Second Cup, known for their amazing hot chocolate, you could have one of their baristas make it for you, or you could make it at home, and since I have been in love with the Silk Cashew Milk lately and made hot chocolate with that, which was amazing. If you want to give it a little kick, a splash of liquor or even bourbon or rye would do nicely. You should try that for your date too.


Sweet and salty:
I’m not usually a pusher of the big brands but I do have my exceptions, and one of those is the Lay’s. Their Wavy Milk Chocolate covered potato chip are the perfect blend of sweet and salty for all of you that love that wonderful mix. Be warned, once you open the bag you will eat them ALL….don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Made from the Heart:
If you are trying not to gain weight from your Valentine’s Day eating activities, or don’t like refined sugar, I have your back too. Peanut butter Chocolate Chunk cookies are my go to, and they are so easy to make.

Place one cup natural peanut butter in a bowl, add 1/2 cup coconut sugar, and one egg. Beat until mixed. Break up a Green and Blacks dark chocolate bar and add it to the mix. With clean hands roll dough into little balls the size of gulf balls and place them on a cooking sheet, press down on each with a fork to partially flatten. Cook for 10 min or until golden at 375 degrees.


So there you have it, my Vday Eats and Treats Guide, so weather you are heading out, staying in, doing both or just hanging with friends, you can have a delicious night. And for anyone out there who wants to take me out, now you know EXACTLY what I love 😉 Happy Vday and may it be a great one!



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