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Want gorgeous beaches? Fantastic seafood? Culture rich with history? Have you thought about heading to India? Goa – a very tiny state located on the west coast of India – is an ideal beach vacation location. Many have already figured this out. The North is the most popular (many, many Russians tourists) and the farther South you go, the quieter it appears to get. So whether you’re looking for a party scene, wanting a something like Florida but not quit Florida in retirement years, or even a family vacation spot, there are many beaches with different vibes to choose from.



The cuisine is more colourful than many other parts of India. Being on the coast, seafood is superb. I enjoyed a red snapper at the Palm Groves in Benaulim Beach that was quite possibly among the top fish dishes I’ve ever had. Also high on the list of tastiest meals and also in Benaulim was the chicken tikka masala sopped up with butter naan from The Hideout – I’ve actually had dreams about it, it was that rich and creamy and tender and just delicious!

While the allure of beach life can be hard to resist, try exploring inland. Vast spice plantations offer interesting facts, stunning scenery, and tasty meals.


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