Addicted to Winter Fashion: No way, man

Addicted to fashion? Not me – It’s far too cold out. As we delve deeper into this torturous time called “winter”, I recommend forgetting fashion and going for extreme practicality. We all know it’s hard to look hot when there’s no heat.  So this winter, follow my lead and do whatever it takes to stay warm.

How, you ask? Let your fashionable tendencies fall away, and put comfort ahead of style.  For instance, instead of one pair of socks, try two. Who cares that your feet look kind of enormous? On your next night out, be the one wearing the head-to-toe feather down (they do make coats that go to your ankles!). I want to be friends with that person! Not even a snowsuit on the dance floor looks more stupid than bare arms and open-toed shoes in subzero temperatures. Worried about how your hair will look after you take off your winter hat? Don’t! Wear that hat, hell even upgrade to a balaclava and tie the outfit together with some thermal long john’s because it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing anyway. Look around, the boys are bundled up, wearing cozy sweaters and tocques indoors.  You can too!  While women may feel like they’re expected to dress up, or down as the case may be, to fulfill extreme style expectations, a woman’s health, welfare and comfort come before anyone else’s idea of beauty and style.

So this winter, remember: it’s easy to have a good time when you’re not shivering in a barely there ensemble!  Fun is always in style while hypothermia almost never is! So when you’re planning for a night out over the next few chilly weeks, remember to take care of you first.  My go-to product? Wool (baaa).  You can shop for free in your dad’s sock drawer, and your feet will thank you for the lack of frostbite when sandal season rolls around again.

Hilary Johnston
Hilary Johnston is a writer, event manager and musician from Toronto.
Hilary Johnston