Addicted To Winter Fashion: Just Add Tights!

By the time winter sneaks up on us, many of us suddenly realize our entire wardrobe consists of cute dresses and crop tops (or is that just me?). Fear not, summer opportunists! What’s my cure-all winter fashion solution? Tights under everything.

My winter wardrobe is literally my summer wardrobe with tights. Stock up on opaque black tights, and suddenly that summer dress becomes totally winter-appropriate. It seems simple, but trust me: you’re about to double your wardrobe. Tossing a pair of tights under a cute pair of shorts, or a skirt, or a floral dress is not only practical, but it adds a hint of summer to the sad, grey, snowy world outside. It’s amazing how easily you can brighten up a winter day with some brightly coloured clothing.

Another great tip? While purchasing your black tights, invest in a few pairs of nude ones in a similar density. Not only will these keep your legs warm, but they’re a nice alternative if black tights just aren’t meshing with your outfit. You can also toss some knee high socks over your nude tights for an extra adorable addition to a scandalously short skirt.

Bottom line: don’t dismiss an article of clothing because of the digits on the thermometer. It’s never too cold for that cotton floral dress with a pair of $5 tights. Bonus? You can skip a shave or two.


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Alex Payne

Alex Payne

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