Addicted Adventures: London Markets

London, England – a city of royalty, pubs, footy, fish and chips, and many many marvelous markets. Next time you find yourself there, seek them out as they are certainly worth exploring. You’ll find these purchasing paradises located all across the city, each with its own personality, atmosphere and offerings.

Borough Market

This market is a mecca for food lovers! Explore stands filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, and cheese. Then when you are so hungry that you’ve had your fill of just looking, sampling, or shopping, head to the prepared food area to devour something delicious.

Columbia Flower Market

Some Sunday morning, take a stroll through this vibrantly colored market. You’ll find it full of all sorts of flaura and fauna, and accompanied by merchants with cockney accents hollering out the daily deals.


Portabello Road

Feel a sense of nostalgia by walking through the stalls and stores filled to the brim with antiques of all sorts. Take your time perusing its wares, including stunning vintage gowns (very Downtown Abby-worthy), tea sets, figurines, lace, furs, and more.

*photos by Emer Schlosser

Emer Schlosser

Emer Schlosser

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