Addicted to the LG G5

I love trying out new cell phones, discovering all the new bells and whistles and learning how to make the most out of a new device. This summer and early fall, I had the pleasure of using the new LG G5, and let me tell you, I’m addicted. There’s a lot to love about the LG G5, so I thought I’d break it down to my favorite aspects of this great new device.


Let’s take a look at the LG G5 from the outside in. Measuring up to 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm and weighing 159g this phone is a comfortable handful, a generous size while still accommodating one handed usage, unless your hands are very small. It’s metallic body is just that – metal. Made from aluminum the G5 is as durable as it is stylish. The sleek phone body has barely any bumps or rises at all – the powerbutton is located on the back for more ergonomic use, and the  volume buttons, headphone jack and charging port all blend in giving the phone it’s smooth and sleep appearance.

LG decided to get ahead of the times with their sleeker, yet larger, new charging port. This double sided port allows the charging cable to be inserted in any direction, as port the port and cable have smooth edges – that means no more bashing your charger into your phone and bending the pins out of shape. While this charger is currently hard to find, it’s going to be the new standard and LG is the first to adopt it.


If there’s one thing I need my phone to be, it’s functional for my daily needs, and the LG G5 does quite well in this area. There were two things that I sorely missed when I switched to the Samsung S6; the lack of removable battery, and the lack of a port for my trusty micro SD card, so you can bet I was thrilled to get them back with my new LG G5. This phone allows for up to 2 terabytes of expansion, including the respectable 32 GB built in memory. The G5’s battery life is excellent thanks to the Low Power Location Estimation technology – I usually get a day to a day and a half on one charge, which for someone who takes as many photos as I do and is on my phone as much, is pretty great.  And even when that trusty battery dies, you don’t have to wait long to charge it. You can achieve a 50% charge in as little as half an hour thanks to the Qualcomm Quick charge technology, and in less than 90 minutes, in my experience, you’re good to go with a full battery. And when that battery has seen better days, you can just switch it out for a new one, easy as pie.


With 4GB of RAM the LG G5 performs quickly and reliably no matter how much I’m trying to do, whether it’s taking a call, posting on social media, sending texts and emails, using the Qslides feature to multitask between and within apps easily. I also like that I can just hold the home button  (the square on the bottom of the screen) to jump right into my settings, to rearrange icons on my screen, to switch into Airplane mode or to make adjustments to whatever I need.


With some cute features to help make every day phone use more enjoyable, the LG G5 is a phone that you can have fun with. The phone has a feature that allows the user to simply knock on the screen to make it do various things, from go to sleep, lock and unlock and more. For ease of use, LG has also done away with the app tray, making it easier and quicker to swipe to whatever app you like, arrange your home screen to feature the apps you use most without any duplication of icons. If you miss the app tray, you can always download an app to replicate that feature. I also enjoy the “Always on feature”, a feature that helps maintain fun vs. being fun itself. The G5 screen will show notifications as well as the date and time without the user turning the screen on. This serves to save battery life, as well the need to unlock the phone to see what’s up; you can just pull the phone, check the screen and put it away if there’s nothing pressing. And to further save battery, the always on screen knows when it’s in been put away in a pocket or purse, turning itself off.





Last but not least, is the camera, a feature so fabulous it merited itsown section. First of all, there are not one, not two, but THREE cameras on the LG G5; the front/selfie camera coming in at 8 Megapixels, the standard 14 Megapixel rear camera, and finally the 8MP wide angle lens camera. The wide angle lens allows you to shoot at up to 135 degrees, allowing you to capture so much more in photo, with a cool fish eye lens look to boot. The standard camera’s staggering 14 MP gives you crisp shots with vivid colors, and even produces great shots at night, especially if you switch from Auto to Manual mode, which allows you to control your shutter speed, ISO and more, like a DSLR camera. The selfie cam employs the coveted Android Beautyface technology that smooths your skin and makes even your worst no makeup selfie look flawless. The front camera also allows for two options to help simplify use: the Jester Shot that lets you use your hand to trigger the selfie (using hand gesture to trigger a 3 to 5 second delay of the shot) as well as the Autoshot, that allows for a nearly hands free selfie; just hold still, allow the camera to recognize your face and click! The selfie is taken. You can flip back and forth easily between all these cameras, using the 1 or 3 tree button on the screen of the rear camera to switch from standard to wide angle, and just swiping a finger accross the screen to flip from the rear to front camera and back. Check out some photos taken with these various features here:

Thanks to Jay Adam from LG for the tips!


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly