Addicted to: The award winning Boulart Bread

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep love for bread. rye, French, baguette, multigrain, bagels, it really doesn’t matter, if it’s well-made bakery bread, like Boulart Bread, I am in my special place.

The smell, the feel, and of course the taste, there is nothing like freshly baked bread, and really there aren’t many that really stand up to the best, and when it comes to the best, Boulart rose to the top.

Winner of Three FABI Awards Boulart isn’t just a personal favourite of the team here at Addicted, it seems that the whole industry loves this artisanal bread.

We have the opportunity to taste the 3 winning products from the Boulart line-up and we can safely say, that all 3 of these bread come: Fresh, with perfect consistency, with just the most perfect taste.

So what are these 3 amazing products that we just can’t stop ourselves from eating?

Olive Oil and Fine Herb Focaccia

Leave as it is, warm it up and have it with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, or even throw on some tomato sauce and some cheese, honestly I wanted to make sweet love to this bread, and we tried it all 3 ways, and I would advise you do too.

Made with simple ingredients, this focaccia is the perfect snack or a great addition to any Italian or summer meal.

Original Flat Sandwich Bun

Grill it, warm it up a bit, or leave it as it, the original flat sandwich bun is the perfect foundation to build the perfect sandwich.

I made tuna salad with alfalfa sprouts and a bit of whole seed mustard, with tomato and avocado, and a sharp cheddar, it was the perfect sandwich for the lazy lunch connoisseur.

Individually Wrapped Ciabatta Bites

On-the-go, need a bite, while you are starting in the car, the little Ciabatta Bites are just a little delicious 3-bite bread fix in a tiny individually wrapped packaging.

If I had kids or anything to do with any, I’d probably let you know that it would be perfect for a child lunch, well a child with good taste that is.


I’m sorry, for making you now dream of bread, and I’m sorry that you are now going to have to try this amazing offering for yourself, but I’m not sorry that you too will feel as happy as I did. It’s ok, you can thank me later.

It’s ok, you can thank me later……or send me more bread!



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