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It’s that time of year again!  Holiday happy fun times are upon us, and everyone is frantically searching for that perfect, yet last minute, gift for the tech lover in their lives.  My suggestion – get your loveable nerd an amazing cellphone, and get your favorite ubernerd the ultimate tech accessory to go with it: the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its wrist bound companion, the Gear Live Watch.

Get caught up on the awesomeness of the Samsung S5 right here.  The Gear Live watch is the perfect upgrade to the Samsung cellphone experience for the techsavvy.  Featuring Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED display for incredible color and clarity, 4gbs of internal storage, 512 MB of RAM and easy to customize features, this watch combines fabulous design aesthetics and innovative elements to offer its wearer a powerful mobile experience.  More on that fab design: the Gear Live actually looks like a watch you’d want to wear in life.  The brushed chrome finish of the face and clasp are stylish in a Robocop chic sort of way, and the simple matte black band ties everything together in a watch that can suit almost anyone’s style. Once the watch is turned on, it’s as easy as a couple of screen swipes to customize the face of the watch to suit your style. Whether it’s no nonsense digital, simulated watch gear animation or something sleek and stylish that strikes your fancy, you can find it on the Gear Live.

Once you’ve got your Gear looking how you want it to, it’s time to link your watch to your snazzy Samsung phone.  The Gear comes preprogrammed with the Android Wear software, and even though mine required an upgrade upon start up, it only took a few minutes.  Next, the watch instructs you to install Android Wear on your phone, which also only took a few minutes.  Once installed, and with my phone Bluetooth turned on, the watch and phone linked up in seconds, and I began receiving emails, texts and even phonecall notifications on my Gear Live. The Gear Live also knew what cards I had on my Samsung phone, replicating them on the watch.  My city’s weather, my stock ticker and even how long my commute home would be appeared on the watch, easily found with a flick of my finger between screens. For the health conscious, the Gear will keep track of your steps, your heartrate and help you plan your workouts and activities by linking seamlessly to multiple fitness apps.

The voice command function was probably my favorite thing about the Gear.  Just like on a Samsung Galaxy, all it takes is a quick “OK Google” to get the phone to perk up while it waits for your command.  From here, you could ask it to text or email your contacts, search for directions, show you the weather, and any number of useful things. Nothing makes you feel like you’ve leapt into the future more than talking to your wrist, and having it not only answer back, but actually DO things for you at the same time.

The Samsung Gear Live is definitely not for the non techie in your life.  While it’s definitely a neat piece of tech, I found myself, a mid-range tech nerd, using it mostly as a watch, and to keep me apprised of what messages were coming to my phone.  However, for someone more tech savvy, the possibilities for fun and functionality can be endless. So run out NOW and grab the Samsung Gear Live for that special someone before the Christmas countdown runs out!

*photos by Nadia Elkharadly



Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly