Addicted to Tacofino

Recently on our adventures in Vancouver, editor Nadia and I were invited out to try Tacofino, a popular restaurant that shares its name with two food trucks that feed and delight the hungry who, like us, love to lunch.  After being informed that Tacofino claims to offer the best tacos in the city, we knew we had to put that rumor to the test.

First we dropped in mid day to check out one of the Tacofino Trucks located in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district, a perfect spot to keep business man bellies full of food truck fare.  Being right on the water and at a truck that boasted the best tacos, trying out the fish taco was a no brainer.  To mix things up a bit, we also chose the veggie burrito.  As we took our first bites we happily discovered that the rumors may very well have been true, these tacos (and burritos) were beyond tasty. The taco was out of this world; fresh, crunchy, zesty, and the burrito was a pure taste explosion, just enough crunch and dazzling with a mixture of fresh, spicy and savory flavors.  Both were perfectly delicious.

After that lovely lunch we knew we needed to “investigate” more, so the next night we headed to Tacofino Commisary to sit down with the men behind this local staple, and try as much of the menu as we could.  From the intricate cactus infused chandelier, long picnic table style seating and overall stylish yet comfortable atmosphere, we knew we were in for a great dining experience.

As we sat down with Ryan and Gino we ordered tequila Caesars to start.  Any of you who follow me know that I LOVE CAESARS, and this was no exception.  Its tequila base was part of what made it really stand out; it had an amazing smokey flavor to it, adding to the savory flavor of the predinner cocktail.

From starters that included cauliflower, grilled octopus salad and tater tots, our favorite starter. The tots are made in house and covered in chorizo verde, cheddar curds, fundido, crema, and salsa fresca, making them BEYOND tasty.  Every starter was perfectly balanced in terms of flavors and were all such a great play off of great originals, the “Tater tots” being the major hit as they could literally be eaten any time day or night.

We then moved on to what I later decided was the foodie motherload: Chicken Karaage Tacos, Battered Fish Tacos and Skirt Steak Tacos. The smell was intoxicating, the visual was colorful, inviting and yet somehow playful and the taste was once again out of this world delicious. I have tried a lot of tacos in my life and these might be the best yet, I could have eaten them the entire time we were there.

So if you are in Vancouver you must check out Tacofino Commisary.  And if you’re in Vancouver, Victoria, or Tofino make sure you check out the tacofino food trucks, trust me when I say, you will come back and thank them and us!



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