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One of the secret tricks that the truly successful use is hiring a stylist to upgrade and update their looks. That perfect long bob (lob) didn’t happen by chance, nor did that suit select itsself; someone with a trained eye and knowledge about statement style suggested that look. Depending what you need, a personal stylist can range between $500-$500 per day. And since this is the season of the “blahs” I have decided to ask celebrity stylist and creator of a boutique makeup line (Renee Beach Cosmetics) Renee Beach a few need to know questions about updating one’s look:

While I am not ready for a full hair cut/transformation what is something I can do for my look during the winter season?

My suggestion is a demi-permanent such as Igora Vibrance gloss & Tone by Schwarzkopf Professional. It is great for the colour shy, or for those who just want to amp up the colour that they already have. Adding a slightly richer hue during the winter months can really boost to anyone’s look. The best part is after about 25 washes it will have washed out and you are ready to try something new for the next season.

What is one beauty toll that every personal beauty kit needs?

A good primer that creates that air brushed glow. Opt for something that can be worn under makeup or on its own. If you are only buying one go for a clear one not illuminated or tinted for more diversity. Of course I recommend mine Renee Beach Cosmetic’s: Show time $40), or Smashbox’s: Photo Finish ($35)

What is one key piece that every woman’s wardrobe seems to be missing?

Great undergarments. A great body shaper and bra hides all those bumps and lines that every woman has. It isn’t about size or weight it is about looking professional and put together from top to bottom, from inside out. (

Splurge versus save? What is one good beauty item I should treat myself to, and what is one more budget friendly indulgence?

Splurge on a good facial when there are drastic climate changes to give the skin the TLC that it needs to glow.

Save on a homemade body sugar or salt scrub to soften and pamper the body.

Since Ms. Beach is a busy Lady I’ll leave it at that. But if you have a burning question that only a stylist could answer pass it along and I’ll attack once more when I have her in the chair.

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