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It is no secret: I love food. When I was an ‘everything eater,’ I ate everything. No, really, I would try pretty much anything once – twice if it was deep-fried. I come from a line of bakers: you have not known heaven until you have had one of my Nana’s cinnamon buns. So, when the concept of un-cooking came around, it took me a minute or two to get my mind around it. “Could an un-cooked cake be as sweet and rewarding as fresh from one the oven?”

In its own way, yes it can.

The book by Emily von Euw helped me see the light with her vegan treats. Aptly titled, “Rawsome Vegan Baking” it comprises about 200 pages of alternative treats that do not leave anyone feeling anything but satisfied.

“Spiced Orange Chocolate Layered with Fresh Kiwi, Orange & Dried Figs” was one of my favorites. I will be honest, I made a fruit coulis rather than goji berries, based on produce availability. This process was super simple, and the result fabulous with a strong cup of dark coffee.

Next was the “Peaceful Peach Cobbler.” I didn’t tell anyone that this was a vegan dessert, nor did I happen to mention that it was a raw one. I didn’t have time. I loved the texture the dates gave the crust, and rather than make one large pie, I made everyone their own mini pie, because, really, who likes sharing something when it’s this good?

I pretty much made and ate all of the ice cream-based items. “Rawky Road Ice Cream with Marshmallow & Chocolate Chunks” was my favorite, just look at the title and you will know why.

The “Crazy for Coconut Bars” had to be the easiest thing to make. Everyone was — wait for it — crazy for them! I used maple syrup as my preferred sweetener. The art of simplicity in clear in the taste.

The “Black Forest Cake” was beautiful. It took me a couple of tries to get it to the point where it looked as good as it tasted, but it was well worth the effort. This was a really lovely treat to have at the end of a long, hot day.

None of the desserts are too large, and are all perfect for a small group of people. This is a very sweet cookbook that, while written with a small market in mind, everyone can enjoy. Many of the recipes are the healthier versions of what we would normally turn to after dinner, so one can help themselves to a second plateful with a lot less guilt.


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