Addicted to Love? Write Online Dating Profiles to Meet Good Men

No matter how it may seem, many single men are looking for women to settle down with. However, if you don’t like the bar scene and there aren’t any single guys in church, then where are they?

Trying online dating is a good way to find local men that you would like to meet. However, you need to build a profile that attracts those men, which you can do by following these tips.



What is the Goal?

Before signing up for an online dating service, determine what your goals are when meeting men. Are you looking to date someone casually, meet them and become friends and see where the relationships go, or do you want a committed relationship?

This step is important because it will help you select the right dating service for meeting the type of man with whom you want to connect. Dating services run the gamut from casual hookups to people looking for life partners. You can find the right service by knowing what you want.



Start with a Good Handle

When you’re putting a profile together, you’ll be asked to create a username or handle. As a safety precaution, avoid using your full name. However, you don’t want to use only your first name because how many women named Sarah or Jessica are there in the United States?

Be creative but consider the words and letters that you use. A study about online dating profiles showed that usernames that began with letters from the front of the alphabet were associated more with good educations and higher incomes.



Represent Yourself in Photos

When posting pictures on your profile, don’t post your work headshot or selfies, especially the so-called duckfaces as they are not attractive. Men want women who are upfront about who they are to keep them from wasting their time and yours.

Consider getting professional photos taken and include one of you smiling genuinely. Also, include a picture of you doing something you love. Unless you have children, exclude them from photos, along with men, but include pets to weed out the cat or dog haters quickly.



Don’t be Embarrassed

More people than ever are using online dating to try and meet other people. It can be difficult to meet others offline, especially if you’re busy with work responsibilities. Almost everyone is trying out online dating, whether they are single black men, beautiful women, or seniors in their 60s.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed about trying to meet a nice guy online. They are out there, they do exist, and some of them are online trying to meet decent women. Just be smart and if some guy is giving off a weird vibe, trust your instincts and ditch him.



Don’t Forget the Outside World

Although you can meet marriage-minded men on Internet dating sites, most couples, about 88 percent, still meet offline. However, that isn’t to say you won’t meet “Mr Right” through online dating. About five percent of couples have met online.


Remain open to meeting the right guy for you at places you frequent. A grocery store is always a good place, and it gives you tons of natural conversation starters. Join a book club if you like reading, attend street fairs, or encourage your married friends to introduce you to someone.

Nice single guys still exist, you just may be looking in the wrong places. If you decide to try online dating, write a great profile about your likes and dislikes, be honest, and post great photos and you may find your match.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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