Addicted to Love? When Is The Right Time To Settle Down?

When is the right time to settle down? Of course, it’s different from person to person. One couple might find it completely necessary to settle down in their mid 20’s the moment they find they have a child on the way and have a secure form of income. Someone else might not want to settle down, but instead, travel the world and rent until they’re in their late forties. What works for one person might not work for another, so it’s important to truly isolate what makes you tick and follow that will all your effort.


However, if you’re looking for some simple parameters that might suggest you would be well suited to settling down – consider the following:




Often people find that settling down is a true consequence of love. However, this isn’t the love that leaves you travelling all over the world with a significant other, but the mature, experienced form of love that makes you both want to settle down. This usually occurs in the mid-thirties, but can happen at any time. You need to make sure the other person is your best friend, and you have a solid history of living and renting together before you make the move to your joint financial ownership of a property. It’s also a good sign if you have shared financial matters for some time without any difficulty or deep argument, as defaulting on a mortgage payment can leave you both in the financial dust, and tear down the relationship you have built.


Remember that owning a home is not something that is sure to keep you both together. Much like having a child, it doesn’t fix problems but strains the bonds you have made. This means you need to be sure you are competent and able to handle this requirement and can manage the responsibility effectively. Without the means to do so, you’re likely to get lost in many different issues that require your attention, and the relationship will be strained as a result.




Having a child is a good a time as any to settle down. This is because children thrive on the stability of a home life as they grow. Children who move from home to home never know that sense of stability and peace, and this can be quite hard on them, especially as they progress past their infant years. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to settle on a home with a mortgage broker that could potentially gain some longevity. This might mean buying a home that has room for extension potential – you can find this out by contacting the government or local housing authority and requesting information on the potential of planning permission in the area. After all, in ten years you may have three times the amount of children you have now.


This metric is likely one of the most reliable and accepted forms of understanding you need to settle down on this list.




Your working life can also signify it’s time to settle down. This is, of course, important if opening a business in a certain environment, as this area will be the place you need to invest all of your time and effort to for the considerable upcoming years. It might be you need to move for a job, and hope to climb the hierarchical structures there in its entirety.


It can often be a case for firms to assess our living situation regarding how they consider your application and suitability for being selected. Highly intensive roles may require you are continually on-call, or that you simply have a stable home life. Sometimes, the ability to be a homeowner can influence this decision unofficially, and so it’s important to set up your home correctly. However, obviously a good family or relational unit can make for a better home life, and this translates to work. You might find your business performance going up, your creativity becoming more relevant in day to day life or your simple satisfaction within your profession.


Home Projects


There are many reasons why you may choose to settle down. Some are a little more quirky. It could be that you hope to run your profession out of your household, and for that need to make many adjustments during the life of your output that requires permanence as a first and foremost requirement. For example, it may be you need to construct a home studio. This means that you will need to install equipment, soundproof and maybe even construct the room or divide it into different layouts. It might be you sell a certain service within those walls and need a permanent location for people to find. It might also be that you need to take advantage of a growing audience you have achieved as a side hobby. For example, it’s not uncommon for home-run podcasts to grow and become a thing worth taking advantage of, and there are many stories of these amateurs becoming professionals through acquiring equipment and developing home studios alone.




When you realize that you’ve been planning projects for some time, and these seem to be taking longer than a year in their scope, you are likely ready to settle down. The mark of a flexible youngster is often the willingness to flick from certain pursuit to certain pursuit, but when you start making long-term strategies a part of your daily life, there is a large chance you’ll flourish feeling more connected to an area.




Not only is your personal family unit important, but also your extended family group. This might mean heading home to an area your family have always occupied, or moving to another state with them. Family is the most important thing, and so sometimes coming home to be with your or your partners family can help you feel connected, supported, socially looked after, and generally more satisfied than you might otherwise have been.


With these tips, you can be sure that settling down is not only possible but begins at the right time for you.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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