Addicted to Love? Welcome to the age of too many choices

Do we live in an age of too many choices? The answer seems to be yes.

From dating apps like Tinder, to apps that let you talk to someone you’ve just passed by like Happn, and social media, it seems that nowadays we can meet an endless amount of people. And while could be great, with that many choices in dating, do we just end up lost in confusion?

Think about it. Back in the day, I’m talking over 60 years ago, most people, especially if you lived in rural areas, would only really come across a limited number of people over the course of their lives.

So really did they have the choice to really be that picky? Probably not. But if you live in a big city like we do here in Toronto, the options really are endless.

So does this then cause a series of endless dates? For many it seems that the answer to that is also yes.

Think about it this way: You’re standing at the top of a hill and on one side the grass is nice but the grass could be greener on the other side. And as you look into the distance you see endless hills, so due to human nature you at least explore some of what’s on the other side/side’s.

Are we just going through one hill after another? And are we always just searching for “greener grass” than what is laid out in front of us?

Are we constantly searching for something better since we know that we have endless options?

Like any answer, this can’t be generalised but the fact remains we live in an age of the most access, the most resources and the greatest possibility to connect. So will it all help you find someone amazing, or just help you find lots of someones? It seems that the choice, it yours.

What matters is that you focus on the connection you are making one at a time, and not only that, you should be shutting off some of the white noise of the dating world so you can not only make time for but also really get to know someone. That someone might just make you think along the way that they might just be perfect to be your someone.

So stay open, stay hopefully, and either way, stay happy.



Founder, CEO at Addicted
Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!