Addicted to Love? We the single.

Yes, I am a 35-year-old man and I’m single, and yes, I have been single for years.

While I take my time to conquer my life goals, I simply haven’t found anyone that I wanted to take time away from that to give to them, so I have stayed focused and worked hard while remaining open.

But honestly, I’m so tired of people in couples, marriage, open relationships, pretty much everyone who isn’t single saying things or asking about my status.

So if you’ve said anything on this list, give yourself a good smack and realize that some of us actually choose to be single, because, well, we have other shit to do.

Do not say or ask the following:

“You’re so amazing, why do you have so much trouble finding someone?”

If I knew, I wouldn’t be single. Stop asking me, an answer never changes.

“How can someone so handsome be single”

So if I was ugly I should be alone?

“Maybe we should set you up?”

Literally please don’t EVER

“You know he’s out there right?”

Do I? Do you? Because if you have a map that points him out, please feel free to pass it along!

“You’re a good guy, you deserve someone good too”

Thanks Captain, I needed a second map

“Why are you so picky?”

Why are you not? (I’ve met your boyfriend)


“Aren’t you lonely?”

Aren’t we all sometimes every now and again?

“You’ll have to settle down someday?”

Yes, I swing from the rafters each and everyday, so eventually I’ll proabably fall. Oh well.

So, as a present reminder from someone who gets many messages a day asking why I’m single, I ask you, Why not be, I enjoy my life, my work, my family and friends, I live in a country that I love, in a city that I still want to explore daily. My life is great, so being single, it ain’t so bad at all.





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