Addicted to Love? True Dating Stories

Everyone’s been there: that highly anticipated date that either goes horribly wrong, or hilariously well. And while that experience may be incredibly awkward for you,  it’s incredibly entertaining for everyone else. The great minds at CBC Punchline clearly realized that,  because that’s the premise behind their new digital show True Dating Stories.

Imagine the weirdest and/or worst date you’ve ever been on. Then imagine telling the story of that date on television.  THEN imagine that date recreated in a super funny dramatic realization with actors that look nothing like you, for comedic effect. That’s exactly what this show is all about. In every episode of True Dating Stories real people tell their funniest, wildest and most embarrassing dating stories while hilarious recreations bring their memories to life. Each episode consists of 4 different True Dating Stories told by the actual dater and re-created, faithfully, by a talented group of actors and comedians. Created by  comedian and television veteran Andy King and will star Canadian rapper Snow aka Darrin O’Brien and his fiance Tara in one of the first episodes.

Now I’ve already taken a peek at this show, and as someone who has had a fair share of terrible dates throughout my romantic life, I was definitely able to related. In this day and age of online dating, apps to find sex, love and everything in between, and when it feels like everyone around is in a mad rush to partner up, it’s nice to see people take a lighthearted look at romance again, especially when the results are so funny!

True Dating Stories will be released on October 21st. Check it out for yourself at today!

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly