Addicted to Love? This Valentine’s Day, practice safe sex…for your back, that is

This Valentine’s Day, we want to save you from pain – but not the emotional kind.

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We’ve asked chiropractor Dr. Liza Egbogah for her advice on how to keep things sexy this Valentine’s day, while keeping your back safe for future fun times.

There are some difficult to explain injuries that are so awkward, you end up lying to save yourself the embarrassment. Sex-related injuries definitely make the list. Don’t worry these injuries are common and even better, there are steps you can take to help prevent them while still keeping it sexy.


Warm up beforehand | A light workout, some sensual partner yoga or a warm bath for two are great ways to prep your muscles and joints for the main event. Hip opening stretches are super helpful right before getting busy. A nice warm-up helps to prevent back pain and your legs from cramping up.


Pick the right positions | Choose positions that are comfortable for you and your partner. Tight hips? You probably want to avoid positions where the legs have to be widely spread and opt for positions like doggie style and missionary that don’t strain your already tight hips. Recovering from an injury? Take the bottom or a position that doesn’t require too much work. It also helps to change up positions so that you are not in the same spot for too long.


Take your time | It’s not a race so take your time and don’t make fast jerking movements that can result in muscle strains and joint sprains. Plus fat jerking movements don’t really feel good… If you aren’t super fit you may want to keep your session to under 30 minutes. When you go longer, your muscles begin to fatigue putting you at risk for injury. There’s still an option for those who want to go all night and that is to train appropriately. Working out, getting your cardio in and strengthening your core will help you go the distance. So if you’re planning on a marathon sex session you need to train like you’re training for a marathon sex session.


Location location location | Where you have sex can affect the way you feel the next day. Rolling around on the floor, having your head bang into a headboard repeatedly or getting busy on a lumpy futon, will probably leave you feeling sore. A classic location like your bed is usually a safe bet. Standing can also work well as long as you have a wall/door to use to support yourselves. And if you’re going to do it in the shower, try and anti-slip mat.


When it comes to safe sex, the most important thing you can do is relax, take deep breaths and enjoy the moment, because you are more likely to get hurt if you are tense.


Dr. Liza Egbogah is one of North America’s leading Body & Posture experts. She is the manual osteopath of choice for political leaders, CEOs and A-list celebrities, and the founder of the dr. Liza Pump, a line of heels meticulously designed for painless all-day wear. When she’s not traveling to treat her Hollywood clientele, Dr. Liza practices at the[fix], her boutique clinic in Toronto’s Financial District. She is a prominent media personality and provides her health & wellness expertise for various TV shows and publications.

[twitter] @drLiza


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