Addicted to Love? The things we regret

When it comes to mistakes made in life, I am the king.

From battling bad addictions, to problems with depression, anxiety, smoking, you name it, I’ve pretty much done it, so it almost goes without saying that I have also made so many mistakes in love. The phrase I am probably searching for is bat shit crazy.

Years of bad decisions fueled mainly by drinking and drugs; at this point if I hadn’t made peace with my rocky past, I would surely have regrets, many, many regrets.

So how do we avoid regrets? And can see learn from the mistakes we make, like having a drunken hookup or say setting a relationship on fire? What are some things that we should really be teaching ourselves to avoid these situations?

Here is what I have learned from making pretty much every mistake over and over, and then trying for 5 years to correct that behavior.

There seem to be 4 “procedures” if you will, that really do make a difference. Now they may just seem like common sense but as we know, that is mainly dead so I thought it best to spell it right out:

  1. Be real. Sometimes we have a tendency to avoid reality in certain situations, and whether it’s staring us in the face of not, as an adult sometimes you have to know yourself well enough to be real, be frank, and maybe even remove yourself from a bad situation. Learning to have a face snap moment with yourself is key to not making bad choices.
  2. Know your limit. This goes for booze and BS. Drinking to the point of oblivion will never bring good results, neither will putting up with someone’s BS. Personally, I’ve had enough BS in my life so if I sense any, I’m out. Whether it’s drinking limits or that of what you will or won’t deal with, knowing where you stand in necessary.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. This one is really the key, if you are going to do the same thing over each time with the same results thinking things will be different, you are pretty much living out the definition of insanity. Don’t be crazy, when a mistake is made, deal with it, learn from it, make a strong mental note and move on. 
  4. Think before you act. So often in my life, mainly in my past, I just dove right in and said screw the consequences, and while sometimes that can be fun and end up working out, other times it will blow up in your face, and none of us want to get burned by our own actions. Think, assess, think a bit more and then make a decision. We often know before something has happened whether the result will be good or bad.

The point of all this, if you learn and get to know yourself, take the time to think things through and know what kinds of actions and outcomes are thus caused, you may be able to steer yourself further from regret  so you can spend more time living a happy, healthy life. 



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