Addicted to love? The do’s and don’ts of a first date PART TWO

We’re back with new and terrible dating experiences for you to read all about!  Here’s our last effort to refresh your memory.  I know, I bet you thought I would have stopped dating after experiencing those gems.  I swear, I just stay on dating apps and go on first dates for fodder for articles.  The things I do for you my darling readers.  But I digress.  I’ve recently had more than a few new and awkward first dates with lessons to be learned and eyeroll inducing experiences to share.


DO inject humor into your first date conversation

Humor is the ultimate icebreaker if used wisely.  Make a joke to ease the tension if you’re feeling it early on in the date.  Joke about your surroundings, the other couple at the bar that’s obviously on a first date too, maybe even the bartender’s hipster facial hair.  Keep it lowkey, easy going and gauge your date’s sense of humour, and proceed accordingly to good date territory!


DON’T make super awkward, cringeworthy or offensive jokes

I recently went on a date where the guy felt it appropriate to make a joke about race AND a joke about rape all in a less than two hour period. Then he felt the need to ask if I was nervous because I was drinking my drinks so fast.  I was drinking until you got funny bud, thanks for calling me out.


DO keep an open mind to how the date will end

Depending on your chemistry, how enjoyable your date is and how the night starts to go, keep an open mind about little things like a first kiss, or even going home together.  It’s 2018, we’re all adults, and not having sex on the first date is as a rule for the sake of rules is dumb.  Go with your gut, go with the flow, and don’t ruin what could be a great experience by overthinking things.


DON’T assume the date will end in sex

I recently went on a first date where the guy was so certain that we’d be attracted to each other that he suggested we find a date spot close to one of our homes, since we would obviously end up in bed together at the end of the night.  He said he was just making playful banter, but I found that level of presumption and overconfidence off-putting, considering we’d never met and had no real gauge of our chemistry.  I met the guy and turns out he reminded me of my friend’s brother, to the point of being extremely off-putting.  He was only offput that his incessant mentions of sex resulted in, shocker, no sex.


DO give the date a chance, even if it gets off to a rocky start

When it comes to dating app dates, or really any first dates at all, the first few moments can and usually are pretty awkward.  This may be your very first time meeting, or maybe your first time being together one on one.  No matter what the circumstances, give things a chance to mellow out before you write things off.


Don’t force yourself to stay on a date that you’re not enjoying

I hate to say or even think this, but I feel like this piece of advice is more directed to my female identifying folks out there.  Trained to be people pleasers from childhood, women will likely stick out an awkward or uncomfortable situation far longer than necessary.  You don’t owe your time to anyone but yourself.  You don’t have to stay on a bad date to be polite or nice.  It’s unfair and dishonest to you and your date.  So don’t order that next drink, don’t agree to have dinner if you’d rather leave.  Make up a reason, text a friend for an emergency phone call rescue, do what you need to do to end the torture of a terrible first date ASAP.


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Addicted Magazine. Her myriad of addictions include music, fashion, travel, technology, boxing and trying to make the world a better place. Nadia is also a feminist, an animal lover, and a neverending dreamer. Keep up with her on social media through @thenadiae.
Nadia Elkharadly