Addicted to Love? The day that empathy died

Dear anyone who:

Supports Donald Trump, is ok with school shootings, to those who love their guns more than the lives of their fellow human, those who don’t see the horror indigenous people have endured, the people who are ok with ripping children away from their migrant parents, and those whose tax bill matters more to them than supporting the community in which they live. To the people that can pretend Trump didn’t say, endless racists, sexist, and downright immoral comments, I can’t fight with you any more, and here is why.

You are devoid of empathy and, quite frankly, have no soul.

Look, we aren’t talking about saving a bit of tax money, or getting better health care, we are now focusing on issues both here in Canada and the USA that are completely unacceptable and have to end.

From children ripped away from their parents who have crossed the border from Mexico into the US seeking asylum, to 23 school shootings in 2018 alone (as of May 25th) now almost 300 in the past decade, Indigenous people without access to clean, running water in Canada, and the amount of flat-out racism and homophobia that seems to just be flying around online and in real life now a days; I have had enough.

If you can find a way to explain these things and make them sounds ok, then at some point, in some way, you decided to cut the empathy right out of your heart, drop it in the trash and wave goodbye as you shot it with your AR-15.

For those of you not yet aware, you get back what you put into life, into the world, into people, and into all the moments that surround them. It’s pretty simple really, you just care a little, think outside of yourself here and there, and magically we all get along really well and find a way to all help each other at one time or another. That’s how the society that we all choose to live in and be a part of should work.  When we support each other, we all thrive, together.

So, the “every person for themselves” mentality just doesn’t work, nor does your shitty attitude. If you are selfish and hateful, what exactly do you think is going to happen? Well let me tell you, cause I’ve met lots of these people over the last 5 years doing this.

They are unhappy.

Greed, envy, and hate will only bring you to one end result: sadness.  It’s pretty much why empathy exists and should be used on the regular.

Now to those of you who think  you can’t be empathetic towards things you haven’t experienced or can’t understand, I say this; I don’t need to be a woman to sit down and listen to someone tell me what life is like for them as a woman.  I can listen, and learn, many times over, then I have a point of reference, and thus can feel empathy, and maybe put myself in someone else’s shoes.

Here’s the thing: I live in Toronto Canada, have great friends and family and have all the opportunity in the world here.  I could choose to not care about anyone else, I could not write about things that I want to speak out about, I could just sit back and enjoy my pretty great life.  But where would that leave me?  I’d be one of the few people that’s ok, in a world falling apart.

I don’t know about you, but I want better for you, for me, for everyone, and I want all of us to come together and learn to really be good to one and other.  But the real fact is, some people truly have no empathy and for one reason or another, don’t want to.

There are times when we all have to stop and think about how we would want to be treated, and then turn and act that way towards the people we come across in life.  It’s called basic human respect and I’m very saddened that it seems many people have drifted too far away from it.  But fear not, it’s all a choice, you can still choose to be a good person and use empathy on the regular, and if you can’t?

Then have some balls, and just be truthful, and say; it’s not someone else, it’s me, and I’m an asshole.



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