Addicted to love? The Adult Crush

Is there anything better than having a crush?

As an adult, crushes are rare.  I mean, we’re grownups now right?  Crushes are for teenagers who can’t, aren’t allowed or just don’t know how to get what they want when it comes to dating, and more so, when it comes to sex.  But when you get older, you not only start to learn what you’re doing, you learn how to get what you want, when you want it, and who you want it from, as long as the other person is into it. Instant gratification is generally the name of the game when it comes to romance in this day and age.  You meet someone, whether it’s online, or in some sort of a real life social situation, you decide if you’re attracted to them or not, go through whatever dating formalities (or lack thereof) that you see fit, and that’s it.  The crush stage is completely bypassed.  No butterflies, no spark, just straight action and reaction.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel nostalgic for the time of the crush.  And very recently, I actually got the chance to feel that way again…

I won’t go into the details of my crush, since this is Addicted to Love? And not “Dear Addicted Diary”.   But yes, I have a crush, and it’s a crush that I can’t and won’t do anything about.  And, weirdly, it feels great.  It’s great to just revel in this crush.  The butterflies in the stomach, the slight flush of the skin at the thought of that person, the furtive glances and shy smiles, a hug that goes on just a little too long…But most of all, it’s the need to hold back, for whatever reason, not giving in to that need for gratification, whether emotional or physical, that makes a crush a crush.

So if you’re on the brink of something new, or maybe have an attraction to someone that you can’t have, don’t rush it or wallow in it.  Don’t act, just feel, and enjoy that feeling. No matter what the outcome is. I have a crush, and if you can, you should have one too.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Addicted Magazine. Her myriad of addictions include music, fashion, travel, technology, boxing and trying to make the world a better place. Nadia is also a feminist, an animal lover, and a neverending dreamer. Keep up with her on social media through @thenadiae.
Nadia Elkharadly