Addicted to Love? Stop thinking you’re gay or straight, we’re all just on the sexuality scale


What if there were no gay or straight, what if we just removed all the labels and realized that we are all just on the “sexuality scale”.

To make it really easy for all of us, we must first, of course, know ourselves and our likes and dislikes but generally speaking, we are all at some point along this scale.

Knowing that sexuality is individual and also can be fluid and can also evolve in may ways, for us to continue thinking that we all just can fall into two categories that encompasses way too much is really just ridiculous and not helpful at all.

If you are familiar with the Kinsey Scale of Sexual Behaviour, then you can see (pictured below) the spectrum of human sexuality spread out ending at heterosexuality and homosexuality on either end, making them the endpoints in a range, not two separate categories that separate us all.

So why does this really matter? Well, there are two major reasons.

Dividing people through labels

Division of people through separation of something that is actually pretty much the same thing which means that if we are all just on the same scale at different points, then really there is no gay or straight, which would mean we could drop all the labels and maybe some of the hate associated with sexuality.

There are no “Preset’s”

We need to remove the idea that sexuality is this preset playlist that only features two bands (gay and straight) when in fact it’s a whole catalogue of music ranging across the spectrum (if that’s lost on you then alas, I can’t help you)

Not only that, but why should I be labelled as a gay man other than for the sake of letting others know if that is their choice as well that it’s ok, but I’m not only attracted to gay men.

I’ve met gay men I was attracted to obviously, but there have been straight men and women that I have been also attracted two along the way. Now that is not to say that I am going to start dating women, but why limit one’s self in the realm of sexuality.

That being said I’m also not telling everyone to run out and explore, but, it’s good to know what you really like, not what you are supposed to like.

So if, sexuality is, in fact, a scale and not two rigid categories that mean’s that a majority of us have a partial mix of homosexuality and heterosexuality, and the real issue is that our society, our world and us as people decided once upon a time that just wasn’t the case.

As a man who has been watching and studying people’s behaviour through my writing for years, I for one must say I am a supporter of the idea of the sexual scale, that of course and my own personal reasons.

Now, where am I on the scale? well, that might take away from some of the fun, but let’s just say that I believe in this theory based on personal experience. I’ll just leave it at that.

So where are you on the sexuality scale?




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