Addicted to Love? Stop, Drop and Roll

I was at dinner recently, I was having a nice time, and while there at a media event, one of the other attendees complained pretty much to the whole table about her husband and how lazy he was.

Yes, we all knew each other, although not that well, but never the less, we got talking about relationships and it opened the floodgates for this perfect to spend a good 5 minutes lagging her own husband.

But why?

I was hanging out with a bunch of friends recently (all women) and they were talking about a girl they knew who pretty much admits her boyfriend is a jerk, and her friends proceed to tell me that he literally has no redeeming qualities from what they can tell.

So why is she with him?

When I used to work in corporate, people around me quite often would complain about how their wife didn’t do this, their husband was lazy, their marriage was ok at best.

So why, oh why would you stay.

To all these stories and to all the people in these situations I say to you:

Stop, Drop and Roll.

Now I’m not talking about a friend in passing saying their BF was an idiot today, or their husband dropped the ball once for their bday. We all get that shit happens, but when it happens all the time over and over and you start complaining to people like me who will listen and then write about it for a ton of people to read, maybe, you should question if staying in your relationship is really worthwhile.

The reality for me, if I love someone, and my relationship is good, I should probably only have 95% good things to say about that person. The idea is that they make your life better, and here are all the reasons why.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need people who are madly in love talking about it all the time either, but if you’re willing to spend a good chunk of time trashing your other half, maybe you should spend some time as just a half.

Really, it’s pretty simple, if you happy, and with someone that you respect, in a relationship or meaning and substance, then you shouldn’t really have much bad to say one way or the other, so if all you have to say sounds like a depressing twilight novel, then maybe you need to stop letting the relationship suck the blood out, and STOP, DROP, and ROLL.

Life is way too short to just settle for second, or 17859 best.

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