Addicted to Love? Dance like no one is watching

I’ve learned a very valuable lesson over the last few years when it comes to self-love. The moment you stop really caring about other opinions, you’ll be free.

Free to live your life the way you want, free to make choices free of impending judgement, free to dance like no one is watching.

So have I been drinking the Koolaid? Nope, let me explain!

Just let go, stop thinking about what someone will think about you, what your friends will think about your latest date, what your parents think about your latest job, just let go.

You are only responsible for one person in this life, and that person is you.

Now I’m not saying to stop listening to peoples valued opinions, or putting blinders on and just stumbling through every decision not worrying about anything or anyone, quite the opposite actually.

With the idea that you are only truly responsible for yourself, it’s your job to always way the options. If you need to seek some advice or enlist a little help, there’s nothing wrong with that, but what I’m mainly referring to are  a Lot of the little things, the times when people tell us what they think with no purpose.

The reality is that if you listen to much to the white noise, you’ll never be able to hear or see clearly, so you won’t ever really be making decisions for you, you’ll always just be pandering to someone else, really you’ll be living to make others happy.


and what’s really the point of that?


My father, who is a truly amazing man and minister, chemist and business owner always told me these lessons that I think perfectly apply to this and to all of us.

  1. Happiness is a choice. – He’s not talking about children in war-torn countries of places where people are persecuted for the way they live, no, he’s referring to the rest of us, in that it really is all choices that lead you to a good life or bad.
  2. Know yourself, be yourself and don’t let anyone get in the way of that.
  3. You need to be good for yourself before we can ever be good for others
  4. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks of you, for that matter, don’t even pay attention, those who love you love you, and those who don’t opinions have no bearing on your life.


So the moral of today’s story, find who you are, find happiness in that, don’t let anyone bull your shine and remember to always; Dance like no one is watching!


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