Addicted to Love? Searching for a spark

You’re looking, you’re dating, but you can’t seem to find a spark. Sound familiar? Well, apparently you aren’t alone.

Recently we polled readers on what defined a “Spark” and in that moment they felt the spark, so without further a due, let’s dive right in.


The Definition:

Spark: The rush that comes over you when chemistry matches in a specific moment when you realize, hey this person is really awesome. (or at least that’s what we pieced together from your answers, but it sounds about right)


The Rules:

Apparently, according to you, a spark can be felt with many different people, someone you’re dating, or interested in, it can also seemingly happening in the workplace with a college, or even at the grocery store, which seems to be a great place to meet.

This Spark is a moment shared by two, not one, not three, two, and it has to be felt and experienced on both sides for it to be a real spark and not fall into the category of unrequited love.


How you find “The Spark”

Apparently, from what we learned, the spark has less to do with the other person and more to do with you, think the ideology that you attract more bees with honey, the same idea. Realistically, probably just based on sheer numbers, if you are more positive, upbeat and outgoing, along with being, or seeming more welcoming you statistically may just have a better chance to this whole spark thing.

Not only that, you’ll probably just have a better attitude and disposition in general, and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.


Maybe that’s what sparks really are, two well-adjusted, kind, fun, outgoing people, having a special shared moment.

Ok, stop the press I’ve cracked the code…well maybe if we lived in a perfect world, and since we quite obviously don’t, I’ll just leave you to decide what or who brings a spark to your life.


The only thing I’ll wish is that you have many sparks along the way.

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