Addicted to Love? The death of manners

I’m calling it right now, manners, and most people with manners have died. Grim i know, but true none the less.

From people letting the door slam in your face to strollers mowing you over on the sidewalk, it appears that everyone has taken all manners and just checked them right out the window.

and this isn’t just people being people, we have reached an all new low, at least in my life.

When did everyone become so entitled based on really nothing, cause I have a hunch, that’s the real problem?

Some people have become so wrapped up in themselves they either don’t even know you are there, don’t think about you at all, or just feel that you are in there way, so when did we all become so selfish and cold.

I’m not sure about you, but I still hold the door, I move out of the way on the sidewalk, and where people used to just not say thank you, nowadays they manage to skip the thank you, and add stepping on your foot or mumbling something about your looks or apparently sexuality under their breath.

It’s funny really that most people have people so PC and warrior there way through attempting to be an online crusader when in fact in day to day life it seems the majority of people have lost all manners.

Further than that, as someone who interacts with people all the time and regularly interviews other humans, I watch people, I take in actions, and I noticed the little things, and what I notice every day is people “having no fucks”

Well ya know what, if that’s your montra to life, you should just give up now. Life, is worth all the fucks, caring about things is cool, and knowing who you are being good, polite and honest will alwasy be in style.

So, I ask you, please, stop, and think, what do I do to make the world a better place, and the answers arnet big, no, in fact they are very small, and they start with maybe giving up your seat in the subway, opening a door for someone, for maybe just having an infectious smile.

Now I’m not saying I’m perfct or a saint, baecasue i am far from, but each day I try to be a bit better than the day before and each day I try my best to be good to the people, the community and the world around me, and that’s all I want, is for everyone to try there best, sigh, what a world that could be.

A boy can dream right? until next time, be good to yourself and to everyone else too!



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