Addicted to Love? Misconceptions: a 30 Something Gay Man’s perspective

You would think in 2015 that I wouldn’t even be writing this article, but here I am thinking to myself of all the misconceptions that the vast majority of people have about  gay men, so I’m going to give you my view on the whole subject.

Just because someone is a man, doesn’t mean that I’m interested in him. 

There still seems to be this way people have of suggesting who I should be with, or want to set me up with someone just because he happens to be male and gay. I find it quite entertaining how varying those people seem to be, especially because beyond “gay man”, the concept of type seems to be lost on my attempted matchmakers. I often remind people that I’m a grown man and can take care of myself, though I’m flattered they care so much.

My whole life isn’t one giant Romp 

Contrary to what appears on TV, and often becomes popular online, my life isn’t one big escapade after another, I don’t do drugs, I don’t have unprotected sex, life isn’t one big sudzy party.

I’m not a token of entertainment just because I’m Gay 

Yes I know how to party, I’ve had a 12 year career that has been heavily involved with nights out.  That being said I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been invited somewhere so that someone can have a token gay (which is probably a mix with the fact that I am known for saying what’s on my mind, often with hilarious results) but I’m not really here to be known as the token gay in any situation.

Stop asking me if I am Top or a Bottom 

You would be surprised how often I’ve been asked if I’m a top or bottom (aka the pitcher or the catcher). It still throws me off because really unless you are currently sleeping with me, or about to, really you have no need for that information and for me, some things are better left unsaid. My life is personal and I like to keep it that way.

I don’t want to live in a category

I’m not sure why but over the years since I’ve been out some of the gay culture has become obsessed with labels. Bear, otter, twink, daddy, the list goes on so long that I get lost in it, much like all the sexual short forms that are lost of me.

I do like glitter.

….we have too, we literally have no choice.

I’m a man. Being gay doesn’t define who I am, so why would I want to further define myself so I can be put into a category. I’m Mark, other then that, the rest you have to get to know.

So hopefully that clears a few things, and I’m just sharing my personal feelings about the subject, feel free to share yours my tweeting at me @TheMaleAddict and @weraddicted or by leaving a comment below.



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