Addicted to Love? Love Yourself

For anyone who knows my story, it’s been a long road. From two decades in front of the camera, drug addictions, depression, there are moments that I’ll admit, I stopped loving myself, and you can’t get much lower than that.

Now, I’m not sharing these things about my life to gain pity or to gain likes, I share my story for two reasons. One, to get it off my chest and let go, the second and more important, my hope has always been in being open with my struggles, maybe along the way, I might help someone else.

So, why is it so important. Well, more than anything, you, me, we, deserve to love and to be loved, and that all starts with loving yourself.

Now, this has been a long lesson for me to learn, I’ve spent most of my life being very self-conscious, very shy, very afraid of being judged.

I, like many people in life, had forgotten how to love myself along the way. In the midst of being a gay man, who felt he never really fit in, I turned to drugs and lost the person that I was, and even when I came out of my low point, years later, I still didn’t really love myself.

But why?

I think a lot of times in life we are told that it’s egotistical to talk about ourselves, to celebrate our wins big and small, and to shout it from the rooftops when something truly amazing happens.

I think we forgot to pat ourselves on the back.

Now I’m not talking about celebrating the fact you made your bed, I’m talking about things you really worked for, and out the time and effort into.

So what does it mean to love yourself?

Respect and integrity.

Like that of any relationship, we must strive to respect others, but we must always also respect ourselves. Knowing who you are, and standing for what you believe is a very powerful thing, and it really shows you who you are, and can remind us the greatness we hold inside us.

integrity. Through the good and the bad, I’ve tried in the past 6 years to live each day with integrity, being a good man, who makes moral choices and tried not to negatively affect those around them, that is part of the real key to loving one’s self.

Being a good person.


In all honesty, I’ve spent years reading and writing, reflecting and trying to find answers that would lead me closer to a place of happiness and love, and the one lesson, idea, answer that always finds its way to the top is this.

By being a good person, being good to those around you, and being good to yourself, love, will not only find you, I have a hunch it may just follow you where ever you may go.


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