Addicted to Love? It’s all in the timing

For years now I’ve been told love and falling in love is all about timing, but I never really knew what everyone was talking about.

That is until I reached a moment in my life where I felt good, my career was going great, and really I didn’t have much that I could even find to complain about. So does that mean that in 2017 that it was finally the time?

Well, part of what I’ve learned about timing is that it has way more to do with you than it does your chance.

Yes, I’m sure luck plays into it somehow how, but I’ve decided that what everyone is talking about when they say that’s it all timing, is that you should get to a point when you are ready to be good for someone else, to be respectful to someone else, and you’ve built a life that would be interesting to someone else.

So is that luck? No. The reality of what I’ve learned over the years is that a relationship, a healthy one at least takes timing, yes, but that timing is less about two random people finding each other, and much more about two whole rounded people meeting, sparking interest and beginning to build something.

Timing and the idea being that of a fairytale. You wake up one day and happen to run into this magical person that turns your whole life upside down, blah blah, hooey.

Timing, like most things, takes effort, it takes action and, it takes time.

So often instead of looking inward when things aren’t going our way we turn outward and lash out at the things or thing that we covet or want most but don’t have.

We’ve all been there when we hate that moment of being single and we see a couple in love and you think, ugh, damn them, to yourself of course. But instead of worrying about them, I’ve learned to worry about me.

Maybe I was being too negative, maybe I wasn’t really giving people a chance, maybe I was putting up walls to stop someone great from getting in. So was I single for years due to lack of good timing or simply due to my actions, and with that same argument, maybe, in fact, I wasn’t taking the right step to create my own great timing.

Think of it this way: you attract more bees with honey. Just like in life, I’ve found the more positive and happy I am, the better my life is, the better my world becomes.

So maybe we need to stop thinking about timing and fairytales about the perfect love that will arrive on our doorstep and start thinking about being the best “other half” you could, so that the timing is always right when you’re ready for it to be.



Founder, CEO at Addicted
Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!