Addicted To Love?: How To Prepare For The Unanticipated Adult Sleepover

We’ve all been there: the end of a great night finds you in someone else’s bed, only to discover in the morning that you’re grossly underprepared to face the world that exists on the walk between this apartment and your own. Your hair is everywhere, your makeup from the night before is a total mess, and of course this male-occupied apartment is entirely unprepared for your need to make yourself even remotely presentable. No one wants to presumptuously lug around an overnight bag, however from my own personal experience I’ve amassed a solid knowledge as to what should be preemptively shoved into your purse so you can wake up the next morning and not feel like a total dirt bag. So here it is: your guide to preparing for the unanticipated adult sleepover.

Travel-sized pack of makeup remover wipes

One of the absolute telltale signs indicative of a walk of shame is the smeared eyeliner from the night before. Even if you don’t have time for a full on face wash, these gems work mini wonders to clean up smears and smudges.

Listerine Breath Strips

I bet you forgot these things even existed! These strips are brilliant to have in your bag if your mouth needs a little freshening up. Have one when you wake up, and any good morning kiss will be a lot more pleasant.


This is my absolute must have if there is any remote chance I’ll be sleeping anywhere other than my own bed. Sunglasses are an instant makeover! You may look a little conspicuous, but at least no one has to see your puffy drunk eyes.

Hair elastics

If you’re anything like me, your evening hair doesn’t make the smooth transition into the daytime. If I don’t feel like shoving a hat into my purse, hair elastics become my best friend the next morning: because I’m not typically interested in forcing the outside world to experience the travesty that is my hair first thing in the morning.

Phone charger

How irritating is it to wake up in a room with no obvious clock, you have absolutely zero idea what time it is, and you fish for your phone only to find that it needs to be resuscitated. Now you have no idea if you’ve slept right through brunch, and you wouldn’t even know where to go if you didn’t. You may not have the wherewithal to actually plug your phone in before you pass out, but you’ll be extra thankful if you do.

Now just be sure to remember his name, and your morning after will be as smooth as the vodka the night before.

Alex Payne

Alex Payne

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