Addicted to Love? He’s just not….he’s not into you at all

Stop what you are doing, stop trying to figure out whether he like you or not or how much he likes you and realise, he’s not into you at all.

Now this might have nothing to do with you, but regardless he has many other things ahead of you on his list and the reasons as to why can be endless but after polling writer and readers here are the reasons that he’s just not into you, at all.

  1. He’s not over his Ex. this is something that happens all the time, he could be trying to move on, he could be trying to make them jealous, either way, none of it is about you at all.
  2. He’s got way to0 much on his plate. This could be due to work but usually, has to do with family. As someone who has dated a person who’s parents both died quite young and unexpectedly I know first hand that they contacted could be so overwhelmed they have nothing left to offer. And my advice, it’s not up to you to stay but it is up to you to be there for them.
  3. He’s bored. I hate to say it but I have been here too. Sometimes there just isn’t much going on so you start seeing someone you really almost know for sure isn’t right for you, but you have time so you just do it. Shun me now, it’s ok.
  4. He’s an asshole. Inevitably, so guys are just total dicks. All you can do with this one is walk away. Bye.

As a man who has done a lot of dating, of both women and men, young and old, and from being a total asshole in my 20’s I can tell you pretty much, if someone seems like they just aren’t into you, they probably aren’t, so why bother wasting your time.

Cut and Run. He’s just not into you at all and will never be. There is your answer, it’s not you….it’s him. 



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