Addicted to Love? Heartbreak Hotel

Ready for check-in, your stay lasts as long as you like.

Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel.

What in the world am I talking about, well I’m talking about when you’ve been hurt, heartbroken, and you’ve moved away from the way you were to shack up at the heartbreak hotel.

Don’t worry, I’ve been a member too for the last few years.

So what am I really getting at? I’m talking to those of us who have just given up.

Whether you were hurt recently or years have passed and you still don’t quite seem to be ready for love. After that last almost fatal blow, you packed up your bags, closed up shop, and you moved in for what you thought was a short-term vacation.

The days, weeks, months pass by and low and behold, you’re still a guest.

But how, you only meant to stay for a short time.

How did you stay so long?


……and did you stay too long?

It seems that we are all a bit like old dogs, as they say, we all get stuck in our ways, and the trouble it seems, is that when your heart is broken and you check out of life, what should really happen after a point of mourning is rebuilding to grow better and stronger. But instead, many of us build walls to protect ourselves.

Walls, that is in fact, the heartbreak hotel was we have been held up ever since our tragic love story unfolded into a nightmare.

There we live, where we stay and where we protect ourselves from what might go wrong again.

I, myself, Mark Munroe am also guilty of this. I loved someone with every part of me and it all fell apart. I don’t blame anyone, but in that moment, I packed it all up, and check in.

So, how do we move out and back into the person that we should be?

I think it’s a mix of soulsearching, personal positive growth, and also letting go of things you can no longer change or control.

Take a breath, remember that you’ve been through a lot, and you might go through a bit more, but if you hide away, you win;t only miss the bad, you’ll miss the good too.


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