Addicted to Love? Head-Tilters Heads Off!

Have any ladies walked in to a scary Stepford-like scenario, the one where you enter a room full of matrimonial-preachy, perfectly dressed, matching mommies. Did I mention you walk in knowing you are, if not the only single one, certainly in the minority. It’s like being an endangered species, and these women are hunters wondering why you don’t want your head mounted on a trophy wall. And you must prep yourself because you know the cringe-worthy questions about your current status in life are inevitable.

Well, let me tell those ladies, when you ask if I’m still single, then react to my “yes” with a head tilt and a slight pout, know that in that instant I kind of want to punch you. Don’t pity me. Respect we have taken different paths in life. I don’t judge you for your choices. Please be equally respectful…at least to my face.

As for the ladies in my described shoes, we should give our answers without self-judgement. I know I’ve been guilty of answering with a weary “yeah” as my gaze drifts to my feet, wondering why I’m feeling inadequate with that response. Don’t, easier said than done, but just don’t.

I happen to be quite ok with where I am, thank you very much. But let’s consider the possibility that I was not. Do you really think a condescending head tilt will help? What if I’m a frail, unstable girl who’s upset, embarrassed and desperate (I hope there aren’t many like that out there, and that if there are, they have good supportive friends to straighten them out and make them feel like their fabulous selves).

Is it that I don’t want it? No. But I am not looking to force the situation, focus on it, nor dwell on it. Some women are single because they adamantly want to be, others because they’re heinous bitches and send men (rightly) running, and others are because they just haven’t found a right one and aren’t willing to settle or compromise to make the so-so the ok.

In conclusion, all head-tilters should be decapitated. Like the Queen of Hearts shouts out “Off with their heads!”


Emer Schlosser

Emer Schlosser

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