ADDICTED TO LOVE? DATING IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Texting is the new flirting

Are you still trying to lock down that Valentine’s Day date for this Saturday night? Chances are, text messages are one of, if not the primary tool, that you’re using to communicate with your potential Vday arm candy. We all know that people tend to put a lot of weight on this candy, chocolate and flower filled holiday, which will definitely take a toll on how you communicate with your love interest, as well as how you’ll be interpreting his communications back to you. Rather than leave you out there in the world copying and pasting messages in draft and received form to every person in your address book, we have brought in another one 13 Spicy nights love experts to calm your nerves and sharpen your reading skills for this special midweek edition of Addicted to Love?.

Laura DesireeMeet Laura Desiree (aka Big City Kitty), accomplished dancer and acclaimed burlesque performer. Part devilish femme fatale and part leading lady, Laura disarms her audience with an outstretched hand and sly slither that draws them into her web of seduction, whether she’s stripteasing, singing, hosting or producing the spotlit cabaret experience. A clear expert in body language, we knew that Desiree’s sensual expertise would extend to the written language as well.



What are you best text-flirting techniques?

When it comes to flirty/sexy texting, articulation is KING. Talk about things that make me feel like I’m close to you. Tell me how your body is feeling in places that your surrounding environment can’t see.  I want access to you even when it’s over txt … Women LOVE to reminisce with their lovers over a shared, physical memory.

What advice can you give to women out there trying to decipher messages from their potentially textually challenged men?

Always, always, always factor in that men will not always look to match your sparkly, dramatic tone in texts. Also, never fret over the immediacy of a reply, because this will drive you nuts. I recommend sending a message and then allowing yourself the chance to do something productive/busy while you wait for a reply.

And what advice or suggestions do you have for women when they’re trying to craft that perfect response?

The most essential reminder is to keep your messages (sexy or otherwise) brief, impactful and direct. Add some flair of wit and good diction. Bonus for descriptive words bring that brings what you’re saying to life.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly