Addicted to Love? Bro Love

We see all the time stories online of bro love. Bros who can’t seem to live without each other, that are together day in and day out, in the gym, at the bar, they are living their bro love to the fullest.
So why do we have to sexualize everything?
Why can’t bro love just be that? Or maybe it already is?
In this day and age when the lines of gender, roles, and even the ideas of masculinity and femininity are being challenged, is it any wonder that the idea of bro Love has changed too?
Is it that men nowadays are more open, is it that we’ve become more accepting, or is it just that the mainstream lifestyle media have run away with the idea that bros around the globe are cuddling after a long night.
Has bro Love changed, or is it still the same old game?
We say that it’s changed.
Probably a mix of social technology, society’s acceptance, mixed with a shift in the emerald idea of gender roles, men, at least here in North America have been able to let their walls down and let the bro love in.
Now we aren’t saying that men around the globe are shaking up with their male besties, but things that were deemed “gay” in the past can now be completely written off under the confines of bro Love.
Physical contact, hugs, words of love all used to poke fun, and be silly in bro loves bro kinda way.
So is there anything wrong with a little bro love. We say no, just make sure you aren’t being a total douche and you should be good.
Happy Bro’ing love.

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