Addicted to Love? Bestie Love

Let’s go back a decade, I was 23 years old working for a major bank, which will remain unnamed and I was a few months into working at my first position in Toronto. I had been told that there was a new hire on our team and I was introduced to a beautiful Egyptian girl named Nadia.

We were put on the same hours, 12-8pm (the “night’ shift). Most of our coworkers left by or before 5pm which meant that every night she and I had time to chat and get to know each other, which is just what we did.

Through the months following we became friends and started partying together outside of work outings and pretty much right from those first few months formed a bond.

With in the year or so following we both left that bank behind, me to follow my dreams in entertainment and her to follow her own path.

Over the following years we would go through many changes, jobs, relationships, but through it all our bond became stronger and we realized how similar we really were.

We became so close over the years that we then decided to start working together on our own terms, which is how Addicted was born. I came up win the idea of the blog, she insisted we turn into a magazine (she HATES the word blog, and we know how stubborn she can be!) and together we ran with it, using her writing talent, my social media magic, and our combined creativity.

So what is the true meaning of a bestie? Well here is what I have learned.

A bestie is not just a friend but someone who you walk or run through life with, someone who supports you though the bad and cheers you on in the good, and she has done that and so much more. From seeing me though drug problems and depression to cheering me on through the success we have had with Addicted and also in my own endeavors.

What I think really sets our friendship apart is that we have never really fought, we have always had so much respect for each other that there is just no time for that. Now here is the most beautiful part; she has taught me what true love really is. To some that may sound weird but it’s true. She has seen me at my worst and never wavered, she has been the one to wish me good morning and goodnight, was a shoulder to cry on, and smile to make me smile back, we have laughed so much over the years and shared pretty much every moment and thought. And my point, no matter what the nature of the relationship is, be it romance, family, or a wonderful friendship, true love comes from someone that makes you better just by being there.

The strength and courage she has shown me truly has been life changing and I will never have enough words or time to thank her for everything she has done for me.

My hope is that we have many more decades of our adventure to go, and my hope for you while you read this is that you too have that love, respect and unwavering friendship that we have been so blessed to share.

Nadia I love you and thank you for being my dearest friend, I wish that everyone knows what it’s like to truly have, a bestie.



Founder, CEO at Addicted
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