Find your Perfect Fit this Valentine’s day with help from Aviva Reimer

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter if you’re single, casually dating, seeing more than one person or established and monogamous, Valentine’s day is almost always a bit of a mine field, romantically speaking. We want you, dear readers, to enjoy Valentine’s day, no matter what your situation, so we went to another expert to help you keep your love life, or lack thereof, intact this Valentine’s day.

Aviva Reimer, personal trainer, life coach, matchmaker and founder of Perfect Fit is nothing short of a romantic hero. Her business has helped many find personal confidence and happiness, leading to them finding love in other places too.  Her endless positivity, with a healthy dose of reality, and always with a unique perspective, Aviva dedicates all these aspects of herself to help her clients improve their lives when it comes to personal happiness from the inside out.  We asked her for some tips that will take you through Valentine’s Day and beyond. Read below and rest easy that you’ll do just fine.

I love the personal touch you take to matchmaking and bringing people together. What sets your service apart from online dating, dating apps and other modern forms of matchmaking?

My ways of matchmaking are based on the old school approach with chivalry, mutual respect, and verbal or face to face communication. Integrity and having an open mind is very important for me. We are different because not only do we put the right people together, but we also teach you and give you the tools to eliminate all the negative aspects that keep your potential partners from entering your life.

Dating is arguably easier and more difficult than ever at the same time these days. What advice do you give your clients on navigating this brave new world of finding love?

Ask the right questions to get the answers you need quickly so you don’t waste unnecessary time with the wrong people.

Speaking of stumbling blocks on the path to love; Valentine’s Day first date: Great idea or a recipe for disaster? 

If your first date is on Valentines day, it needs to be special as it could be your very first moment in time together for life. It doesn’t have to be financially heavy but definitely fun or meaningful. An intimate candlelight dinner with soft music in the background with just the two of you, or if your adventurous maybe a skydiving simulator date followed by drinks.

Whether it’ a first date or a 50th, what would be your recommendation for a great Vday Date for someone who’s really trying to wow his or her special someone?

On valentines day , do something special that your loved one would least expect. Create a wow factor all day long ! Start showering your partner with breakfast in bed while you throw rose pedals over them, then maybe shopping for something sexy to wear in the city, followed by a romantic dinner for two at a fabulous hot spot, and for desert a little fantasy surprise as a nightcap at home.Everyone loves surprises!

Finally what tips and tricks can you give anyone (singles, daters, new couples and established couples) when it comes to  Valentines day? How can you make the most out of this romantic time while still staying true to yourself and most of all having fun?

My advice would be to take this day and truly express how you feel and allow yourself to be vulnerable, let your friends and family know they are loved and appreciated.

Share your thoughts and aspirations with positive people that will help you grow. Eliminate negative people and their negative energy.  Most of all have some fun!. We can never express enough or enjoy enough during the hustle of everyday life. “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”




Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly