Addicted to Love – The down low on Gay Dating Apps

These days it seems like most people meet online. Whether it be for dating, sex, or just friendship, most of us, have used, are using or inevitably will use at lease one dating app.

When it comes to dating apps there is no shortage of options, and even when it comes to “gay dating app” there seems to be many to choose from as well, not to mention all the Apps that people of all genders and orientations can use.

From Grindr, to Scruff (two of the main gay “dating” apps) to Tinder and Plenty of Fish, I wanted to take an in-depth look into App dating for Gay men in 2016.

So armed with my iPhone and a sense that things were going to go from normal to bizzare in 0-60, I started to download the whole gamut just to share my findings with you…and maybe have a little fun along the way.

Here are the best bits:


The “Original” gay app and still by far the most forward of all is Grindr. About 5 minutes after I set up my profile I was pleased to see I had already received several messages. Were they a “Hi there” a “How are you this evening?”, No, no they were’t, the very first one I opened was a dick pic, followed by “Sup” whatever that means. The next message revealed an a**hole and the message, “Hi, are you a top?”. Did I dare to go on? At that moment, no i didn’t. So I went onto the next.


Onto what seems to be the major competitor for Grindr; Scruff. Pleasantly, my initial messages werent dick or ass pics. I was even more pleased to see someone had written me to say hello. I responded, with a “Hello, How are you today?” and their response back was, “Good, you into a 3-some with me and my BF?”. As much as I was flattered I kindly passed on the offer and moved onto the next message, which was from an older gentleman who wanted to know “How Much”. How much what?, how much was I offended by that message, how much was I becoming turned off by the whole thing, or how much money would I be for the night…I dared not ask and quickly called it a night to come back and investigate another app later.


This app I had never heard of before, but upon signing in, it seemed very similar to Grindr, so much so that literally as that thought crossed my mind and I opened the first message only to discover a penis shot. I quickly closed the app and moved on. Were all “Gay Apps” based on sex? Is this what gay men have been doing online, just living out a virtual dick and ass showing contest? Pondering what the state of affairs was, I decided to try out another app, maybe something more subdued.

Plenty of Fish

So Plenty of Fish has been around for years now, hearkening back to a time when online dating was exclusively the domain of computers. Like the other apps I set up my profile and was ready to go. It took a day to start receiving messages, but when I did I was surprised and delighted to find out that people here were actually writing full sentences, they wanted to know how I was, and no one sent me a photo of their dick. I felt refreshed….for a moment. What I didn’t take into account was that this was a real dating app, and after a couple weeks it felt like there were a lot of men who were VERY serious about finding their mister right, and as I was on there mainly for research. I then made it know that was my intention. It seemed as thought there were a lot of people looking for prince charming, and that, I am not.


While I and apparently several of my friends thought that tinder was an app for straight people, I found out that infact it for us gays too. Yippie, lol. So like the others I signed up, very easily with my facebook profile I might add, and started swiping away (honestly the swiping is so fun at first). As I swiped I found guys that seemed interesting or hot, and unlike a lot of the other apps, on Tinder you both have to match before you start chatting and you can’t send pics, hurray! As the weeks passed I chatted with a bunch of interesting guys and actually had some deeper conversations. I even got asked out on a few dates, and while the dates that I went on haven’t lead to anything, yet, you never know.

So what did I learn from all this?


Grindr > Can I show you my dick?

Scruff > Can my boyfriend and I show you our dicks?

Hornet > Is there dick anywhere?

Tinder > Want to go on a date, so I can show you my dick? (I can’t show it here because the app won’t let me)

POF > Will you ride in on a white horse, be my prince charming, marry me and, show me your dick?

So there you have it, the science of gay dating apps. Get your chest shot ready, your selfie in place, and have your dicks shots ready guys, and remember, don’t take it to seriously, it’s not real life.




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