Addicted to Love? – 50 years of Love

They met in high school in the 1960’s when they found it hard to make a real connection with many others, life found a way to push these two 18-year-olds together.

He would see in a short period of time that in his eyes, she wasn’t like the other girls and would start to pursue her.

Right from the start she looked in his eyes and knew that he too was someone special, but in those first moments how could they know, that their love would span 50 years, and 3 children, and grandchildren? It’s a love story that, while real, is truly so beautiful.

Recently I sat down with these two amazing people, who, just so happen to be my parents to ask them, 50 years on, what they have learned, and what they would tell someone starting out in new love having been happily together since 1967.

When I asked my father how he feels today as we started chatting he said this:

“I’m more in love with your mother today than the day I met her. With each day that has passed I love her a little bit more, and even though some days we drive each other crazy, I could never know this kind of happiness with anyone else”

Let’s just stop a moment and I’ll whip my tears. When I asked my mother what she most respected about my father she said this:

“So many women I have know over the years, especially from my generation, may have felt like their husbands didn’t treat them as an equal, Norman (my father) did. He has always supported anything I wanted to do, no matter whether he understood or not. He’s not your average man, he’s like no one I’ve ever met, his heart, his love, his strength is endless”

What advice would you give to someone in a new relationship mum?

Talk, Communicate and be open. Too often people just jump right in and don’t really talk about what they want from their life. The feeling of wanting to be with someone is amazing, but that’s not enough. your morals, goals and what you want from your life all have to match up so you can actually build a life together.

What is one thing people maybe don’t think about that you would advise them?

When your father is at work or is working, I never bother or call him as that’s his time to do what he wants. Having time to yourself is never a bad thing. When you live with someone for almost 50 years, you have to take time for yourself and just because I married an amazing man and have a great marriage doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to still do my own thing and have my own identity, as well as accomplish my own dreams!

What would you say about weddings?

The bigger the wedding doesn’t equal a bigger knot. We eloped, I made my wedding dress, and we got married at a justice of the peace with 2 witnesses.
Easy, simple and instead of putting all our focus and money into the wedding, we travelled and built our own house so we could start a great life together.

Our advice: keep the wedding simple and focus on your married life instead

Do you remember how you purposed to mum?

My Dad: Um…well, Jennifer? (my mum)

My Mum: It just happened. “Jennifer I love you” I love you too” I want you to be my wife, I want to be your wife” couple years later they ran off and got married.

So what are your “rules” if you have any?

Respect, we made a vow that no matter what, no matter the situation we would always respect each other and act as such, and we’ve done well.

Make the choice, just like deciding to be happy we decide to be a good husband and good wife each and every day. After 50 years we kind of have it down, but it takes work and commitment.

The little things: a smile in the morning, holding hands, a small note, a tea in the afternoon, trust us, over 50 years the small things add up, and they are what make the most difference as the years go on, as it shows the others love in action.

What’s the best part of it all?

Both of them had the same answer. “I have been blessed to marry my best friend.”


As the son of these truly wonderful amazing people, I just have to say that individually I have always been in awe of my parents my whole life, but their marriage is just such a beautiful thing, the way they speak about each other, the way they support no matter what, and the way they still look at each other 50 years later is truly something to be celebrated.




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