Addicted to Love? 10 Reasons to be happy that you’re single

It seems that we often have a bit of a stigma about being single, so sometimes it easy to forget all the great things that come along with being single.

Now we have some idea’s of what the best parts of being single are, but we wanted to ask you, and you had some very specific things that we all pretty much seem to agree are the best part of being single.

In no particular order, here were the top 10 answers:


  1. The whole bed all to yourself

  2. Don’t need to share Food

  3. you can’t be cheated on when you are single

  4. The beautiful silence when you come home

  5. Having complete independence

  6. not having a share a place or space, more importantly, a washroom

  7. you have time to grow as a person

  8. It’s easier to work and focus on your own goals, aka be a bit selfish

  9. No/less drama

  10. Eating naked while binge watching Netflix…. and no one has to know


There are often reasons why it would be great to be in a  relationship, but there are times in life that we really just need to be single, and in those times, we should take the time to really cultivate what you what, love and what makes you happy, the rest as they say, will fall into place.



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