Addicted to Lashes: House of Lashes “Pixie Luxe”

I don’t remember the first time I bought false eyelashes. Either because it was actually so long ago or they just weren’t very memorable. A little of both, I’m sure. I’m betting they were cheap and I used the tiny glue sample that came with them. Everyone knows you never use that tiny glue sample, it will never work out. So there you go, lessons learned.

Over many years I have steadily stepped up the false lash quality and I have since graduated to the House of Lashes. These are false eyelashes for grownups. What drew me first to House of Lashes was how incredibly dense and lush the lashes were, but what has made me a loyal customer is their commitment to keeping their products eco-friendly and cruelty free. You will not find mink lashes here, only 100% sterilized premium human hair and synthetic lashes.

House of Lashes has a variety of styles from fairly natural and delicate to high glam. Like, glam. Imagine the most lashes you could handle on your eyes. It’s in this category, the “Luxe Collection” where my favorite lashes reside. The “Pixie Luxe” lashes are what make me want to “put on my face” so I can wear these without looking like a crazy person. These are densely layered in a criss-cross at the roots and beautiful and feathery at the ends. They are quite thick at the band, which I have heard some beauty bloggers complain about, but this is not for a natural look and plus, with the thick band and dense hairs, it means they are made to last. And last they do. My last pair of Pixie Luxe lashes lasted over 20 wears, which at $12 each means these are a bargain. These are thick and lush tripled stacked synthetic hairs and thus, made to be worn along with a great smokey eye or some winged out liquid liner. Not for a trip to the grocery store…unless you want to!


1. To make your lashes look great for longer, gently pick the glue off the base of the lashes after wearing and use a small amount of eye makeup remover along the lashes to remove any residual makeup. Store them in their case and they are ready for another wear!

2. To make sure your lashes fit your eye properly, hold the lashes along your lash line to measure. You want them to start where your lashes begin on the inner corner and go no farther than the outer corner edge of your eye. With all lashes, you will need to cut them to size, but remember to always cut from the end with the longest lashes.

3. House of Lashes carry an amazing non latex eye lash glue which works wonders with all kinds of lashes. If you have ever had any trouble with latex lash glue and the time it takes to dry and stick, then I would try the House of Lashes glue. It goes on thinly and with a light iridescence, dries clear and stays put for hours.

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Kerry Riordan
Kerry comes from a visual art background, practicing printmaking at OCAD University in Toronto. Eventually she discovered the face was her favourite canvas and pursued her love of beauty, makeup and most of all, people! She studied makeup, special effects and skincare at Seneca College. Working as a makeup artist gives Kerry the opportunity to meet different kinds of people and help them look their best, whether it's sweet and natural, high glamour or avante garde. A lover of all makeup products - from drugstore to professional brands she knows the best products for everyday wear, special occasions and even special effects.
Kerry Riordan