Addicted to: Joico Power Spray

For anyone who knows me, you know that I’m pretty much obsessed with my hair, always have, hopefully, always will.

So when it comes to finding great products for my hair and yours, I not only keep my eyes peeled, I also personally test a ton of product in my search to bring you the cream of the crop.

When we are talking about one of the best hairsprays I’ve EVER tested, we are of course talking about the award-winning Power Spray from Joico.

Known the world over for it’s innovative and amazing products, Joico has done it yet again. The Power Spray aka Fast Dry Finishing Spay is in a league all it’s own and here’s why;



Ultimate hold (8-10)

The control of this hairspray is actually all day, I actually made it through a 10 our media day without fixing my hair once, and, it still looked great.

Fast Dry

Some sprays take a while to dry, or dry goopy, or even heavy, this one drys in a mere moment. remember, this is a finishing spray, thus you use it as the final step to “set your look”.

Non Sticky

once dried, I was actually amazing at the fact that my hair was not hairspray sticky at all, moreover, when I ran my hands through, later on, the hair just fell back into shape.

Light as Air

Due to the fact that you use so little, and I actually mean that, do not use a lot of this product, it’s super powerful, you only need a meer mist, and by using just a bit, you get the perfect, lightweight, high hold look you want.

The Scent is Unisex

I’ve been trying to describe the smell as the bottle sits on the table in front of me and I still can’t but, I love it, obvi its hair spay so don’t go sniffing away at it, but, it’s a great scent that I think is suitable for both men and women



Need I go on? I think not.

If you’re wondering, I give the Joico Power Spray an almost perfect rating and dare I even say it, The Joico Power Spay is probably the best hairspray I’ve ever used in my life, and that’s saying a lot.

For making my hair look it’s very best, and stopping even the greatest gust of wind from ruining a perfect quaff, thank you Joico, thank you!



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