Addicted to: Finger Spinners

While we aren’t personally addicted to finger spinners, it seems that the world is in fact, obsessed.

The three-pronged pieces of plastic that you flick for fun were originally created as a therapeutic tool for children with ADHD and autism to help calm fidgety behaviours and promote concentration.

Kids (and adults) are buying spinners in bulk. Despite often being a nuisance in the classroom, they have become a national trend.

Like many things in life, kids and adults alike have jumped on board and it has now become a worldwide trend, and when we say a trend we really mean just that.

With well over 200 million units sold this year, it appears that the trend is just going to grow and grow.

The company that seems to have the biggest stake in all this spinning madness, Fydget, and they are poised to take the trend to a whole nother level.

How, well as we know when something becomes popular, it then gets branded by everyone. Movie studios, food and lifestyle brands, will, of course, release their branded versions as well, which mean, well, probably production that goes into the billions?

Maybe, guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, in the means time, if you are looking for some help with your focus for fighting, this might just be of help too, as it was originally intended.




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