Addicted to: Alumier MD AluminEye

You’re tired, you are developing dark circles, your eyes are puffy. Sound familiar?

If you’re like me, you like a busy life, work hard and thus, you end up looking pretty tired. A lot. So you need to find ways to keep yourself looking good. Now eating healthy, drinking lots of water and a good amount of sleep play a big part as I always talk about, but, there are some solutions out there that really do work.

AluminEye from Alumier MD is exactly that.

This little miracle helps to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, and as we found it works two ways. Instantly AluminEye helps to reduce dark circles, but once you’ve been wearing it for a while it helps to reduce any puffiness you might have from a long day or a restless night.

On to of that, we found over a 30 day period that our eyes looked less tired and appeared to be a little less puffy day to day.

With a combination of tremella mushroom extract, niacinamide and murumuru butter moisturize, a unique blend of antioxidants protect against UV-induced free radical damage. AluminEye contains light-reflecting and soft-focus ingredients that immediately lighten the appearance of under-eye darkness.

It’s pretty safe to say that we are ADDICTED to AluminEye from Alumier MD, as both the short and long-term results where actually quite noticeable, not to mention any undereye cream that offers instant results is actually pure skincare magic, which is just what AluminEye is.




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