Addicted Interview with Chad Heard from Hyundai Canada

On my continued adventures to learn more, I’ve spent the last 6 months gaining insight into Hyundai, both the brand and their outstanding line-up of vehicles.

And while I’ve learned a lot on this journey, I know there’s always more knowledge to gain. So I wanted to sit down with the man who’s in the know when it comes to all things Hyundai. That man is Chad Heard, and I jumped at the chance to ask him all the questions I haven’t yet asked along the way.

Chad is the Senior Manager of Public Relations for Hyundai Canada. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with him and our auto addict Aleksandar Savic to learn a bit more about Hyundai, what makes this brand so special, and to discover what’s coming up for in 2018.

During our sit down, Chad gave us the opportunity to learn about some new technology, better known as BlueLink. He also shared that Hyundai is the only auto manufacturer to make their own steel, pretty cool right!  We also gained even more insight on hybrid and electric cars and how Hyundai is making huge strides in that sector of the market.



So now it’s time to pass our learnings onto you, the reader.



For those of you that were unaware, Hyundai BlueLink is a connected vehicle system that provides information such as a monthly vehicle health report and automatic crash notifications and also allow the customer to remote start, stop, lock or unlock their Hyundai right from their BlueLink App.

We had the chance to test it out for ourselves and after only a few minutes we could see how convenient and comprehensive this app and connected technology is and could be for other users.


Hyundai Manufacturers Their Own Steel – SUPERSTRUCTURE™

To my knowledge (and I checked and checked) Hyundai is the only major auto manufacturer that produces their own steel.

Why is this relevant? Well, when you are building something whose frame is made of steel, the collaboration process becomes that must more precise when you have complete control of all factors.

Not only that, when you are producing something of your own, you are responsible for the quality standards that are set. So it’s no wonder, with quality standards like theirs that Hyundai wanted to take control of exactly how great their product could be.


Green Options

I’ve already had multiple chances now to spend some time with the IONIQ, which is the multi choice offering from Hyundai that are partially to fully Electric.

The IONIQ comes in: Hybrid, Electric and Electric plus. You can get the full details in my previous story.


What’s Coming in 2018

Apparently, Hyundai has a lot coming in 2018, but it would be way too easy for me to just list it off here. It would also be much more fun if you just watched the full interview for yourself to hear firsthand what’s coming for 2018 along with some other great info from our time with Chad at the Hyundai Canada Headquarters.


Watch The Full Interview:


For more on Hyundai and to see their full line-up visit their website today. 



This post is in sponsored partnership with Hyundai Canada and Addicted Media Inc.

Photo and video credit: David J. Fulde

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