Addicts and Angels – Hurricane Irma Relief Plans, Anguilla: How You Can Help

While we aren’t a news outlet and would never claim to be, we do share in the pain felt around the globe as Irma rips through the Caribbean.

My heart like yours go out to the victims, their families and the people who are living through the terror and devastation. So we thought we would share some information we received through the newswire that may be of some help if you are wondering what you might do to assist or make a donation.

If you are concerned about Anguilla and would like to know more info, or how to help in any way, please do.

The Government there has released this statement:


The Government of Anguilla is grateful for all the good will expressed worldwide as a result of the devastation the island has faced during the passage of Hurricane Irma. The challenges faced are not insurmountable, but will demand a concerted effort locally, regionally and internationally.

There have been many offers for donation of relief supplies, building materials, technical expertise, and many other items vitally needed to rebuild the country. The Government of Anguilla welcomes these offers and expresses its appreciation to those who have already committed to help in various ways, and would like to also express advance words of thanks to those who will assist in the future.

The official avenue within which to channel assistance is to the Government of Anguilla directly via the Relief Committee of the NDMC at email and 264-497-5666. All donations whether of a financial nature or relief supplies, equipment or building materials are coordinated by the Relief Committee.

Additionally, the Government of Anguilla will be providing bank account information in Anguilla to which financial gifts of any amount could be wired. This information will be provided in the near future when these details can be finalized with the local banking institutions when they come back online as part of their restoration and business continuity plans.

In the meantime however, there are avenues to donate indirectly to the Government and people of Anguilla through reputable regional and international institutions.

Financial Donations:

• CDEMA – Caribbean Disaster Emergency Agency (CDEMA) (Anguilla Relief Aid)


• British Red Cross (Anguilla Relief Aid)


• U.K. donors also have the option to donate via the West India Committee, a UK registered charity with Royal Charter status. They have already received over $50,000 in donations and these funds will be used to support Anguilla in the aftermath of the hurricanes. The address is as follows:


• For those of you in the U.S. who want to donate, please note that The Anguilla Progressive Association of New York is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization as the per the IRS; visit them at to make a donation.

Donations of emergency supplies:

• Building material such as galvanized sheet roofing, construction and pressure treated plywood, T1-11 pressure treated plywood, other building materials

• Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, baby food, water, foodstuffs

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