Addicted Inspiration: William Vitoria, Producer of 3x Award-Winning Film MAR

Currently, Addicted Magazine finds themselves inspired by William Vitoria, producer of the insightful LGBT Portuguese-Canadian film MAR.

While the topic of gender equality has been at the forefront of many passionate discussions embodying equality and love, films from a LGBT perspective are still somewhat of a rarity. The short film MAR perfectly taps into this frame of reference, displaying our innermost workings and ability to forge relationships with one another without prejudice. Not only is it about the trials and tribulations of love, but also having to face the narrative of acceptance within.

MAR is a dramatic love story and thriller set in Peniche, Portugal, plotted with a dark mystery that shines a light on relationships, seduction, and betrayal. When a couple decides to spend their summer vacation in a small town off the coast, they are plunged into an unravelling that reaches down into our most vulnerable selves, depicting our response to the conflict between loyalty and temptation.

Not only is Vitoria’s film a beautiful portrayal of human nature, but it’s also shot with a meticulous eye that captures the stunning scenic landscape of Portugal.

With a screening happening right here at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto on October 17th at 7:00pm, we caught up with Vitoria to get some insight on MAR, as well as his position as a successful entrepreneur in the LGBT community.


What inspired you to film the LGBT Portuguese-Canadian film MAR?

Mar, is a short-film I wrote and directed by the coast of Portugal. It won an Award of Distinction from Canada Shorts Film Festival 2017, was selected at Rio Gender and Sexuality Film Festival 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Yonkers Film Festival 2018 at Yonkers, NY. I live in Toronto now, but I also lived for 14 years in Portugal and this film shows the feeling of missing home, as well as talking about a gay couple; a topic I identify with and have passion for. I also wanted to show the beauty and talent of the country I lived in.

What was the best piece of advice you were given as a young entrepreneur?

The best advice I was given was to keep doing things. Never stop.  

How did you stand out and become successful in a hétero male dominated business world?

I just do my thing; I told a story that I know, something that I can relate to and I think that shows. Truth and passion shows even if its a hetero male dominated business world… But is it really?

What advice do you have for other aspiring business individuals, who identify in the LGBTQ world?

I would say make something genuine, don’t be afraid to show what you want to show. It’s what is inside you that people want to see, rather than superficial stories.

If you could have three ingredients for success what would they be?

Respect, persistence and originality.


Watch the trailer for MAR here and don’t forget to purchase your tickets!