Addicted In-Depth: What we don’t learn in school

Here’s the thing, our school system here in Canada and in fact after doing a fair bit of research, a lot of countries around the world; kids do not learn even half of what they should be learning in school.

If you are like me, and grew up in rural Canada, you learned from the system of English, Math, Science, and a bit of art, history and that is about it.

Now at 34, the owner of several businesses the question crosses my mind so often, why did I not learn this in school.

Think about it, we didn’t learn:

About Taxes (paying/doing/saving them)

Basic Banking Skills

Or anything personal finance related at all.

We also weren’t taught:

How to properly act in a public situation

Interpersonal skills

Literally nothing at all helpful regarding sex

nothing regarding laws

How to be a good person (just in case you had crap parents)

Things I was taught that I still have not used:

really anything to do with math (and I worked for a bank)

history (really I’ve learned so much more from reading as an adult from that of the watered down offering that was school.)

all the hours I played dodgeball, though I haven’t been hit by anything yet, so i’ll stay on the fence with that one.

My point in all this? Can we play start having a discussion about what really matters when it comes to teaching our youth instead of just repeating our mistakes?

Isn’t that the whole idea to learning?






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